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2014 Tariff

The following prices are listed as per night, and include VAT. Children are charged between 3 - 16 years old, and no additional children tents or pup tents are allowed unless booked. Please note that there is a non-refundable deposit paid upon booking.

Low High
Caravan/MotorHome (with electric, up to 2 adults 3 children) 26 29
Two person/Family Tent (up to 2 adults 3 children) 23 26
One person Pup Tent 14 16
Extra person (adult or child) 4 4

High season covers May Day weekend, the Spring Bank Holiday week and the School Holidays. The rest of the year is low season. We do not charge for gazebos, but would appreciate you letting us know in advance if you are bringing one with you.

Booking Information

When to book

The office is open for bookings from 8:00am - 7:00pm, 7 days a week. It is highly recomended that you book as soon as possible as we always get fully booked well in advance for the school holidays and weekends.

What is needed for booking

When we take your booking, we will also take a deposit over the phone from a debit card. This is a non-refundable deposit that will be taken off your bill when you arrive. Once your booking is complete, you will be given a reference number and receive an email within 24 hours to confirm your booking. Please check the details of this email very carefully as the booking information and the reserved pitches it details are final. Any ammendments to your booking must be notified to us upon receipt.

Paying the deposit

The deposit you will need to pay is listed below. This is paid per unit, so if you book more that one unit then the deposit will be taken for each unit booked. The deposit per unit is:

  • Caravans and MotorHomes (with electric): low season: £52.00, high season: £58.00
  • Family tent, two man tent or campervan: low season: £46.00, high season: £52.00
  • One person tent (must be a small pup tent): £28.00

Please note that if you are staying with us out of season (quieter low season times), then we accept 1 night bookings and your deposit will just cover the one night up front.

Requesting pitches

We cannot book or guarantee specific pitches, regardless of when you book. When you make a booking, we are not reserving a specific pitch on the site, and your actual pitch will be allocated on arrival. For the same reason, we cannot guarantee adjacent pitches if you book multiple pitches so we encouage you to arrive as early as possible on your arrival date to try and get pitches together.

CamperVans with awnings

When booking a MotorHome or CamperVan with electric, the pitches you will have are on the caravan side where most pitches are hard standings. For this reason, if you bring an awning with you then the awning and van must fit inside the hardstanding area as this ensures that each pitch has a suitable amount of room between the next pitch. The van and awning cannot be any wider than 4.5m in total. VW's with awnings should check the awning size as they tend to be a lot wider than regular awnings. This only applies to electric pitches.

Arriving at the site

Upon arrival it will assist us if you bring your reference number or a printout of your confirmation email. Any payments must be balances upon arrival before pitching. Please check your confirmation email as soon as possible as their details and pitch bookings are final.

Refunds & changing your booking

Deposits are final and are non-refundable under any circumstance. If you need to change your booking dates, we can do this up to 14 days prior to arrival. Anytime within these 14 days we cannot make changes to your booking any you must pay for the full booking upon arrival (less the deposit). Any changes to your booking during the stay will not be refunded even due to poor weather conditions.